Rough Crowd October: Ass Boxing with lilboxer

Rough Crowd: Ass Boxing with lilboxer!

Rough Crowd #3 was all about punching, and we had @lilboxer there on hand to give some pointers on boxing (the name’s not for nothin’, folks!), gloves, wraps, and that kind of stuff. A bunch of folks have said they’d love to have a session just focused on ass boxing, a specialty of lilboxer’s, and Rough Crowd is all about focus on one thing at a time, so October will be…

Ass Boxing with lilboxer!

How can you combine the cardio, fitness and fun of boxing with kink? The answer is Ass-Boxing. In this class, lilboxer will share her passion and joy of Ass-boxing, and demonstrate how you too can enjoy this special brand of kinky exercise. She’ll cover basics of form, technique and equipment. As a class, we will delve deeper into ways to form a bond with your punching bag, how to create a variety of sensations and responses, and how to ramp up the intensity to take ’em away. We will also cover the different methods needed for male bottoms vs female bottoms (bottoms – get it?), and show how even a straw-weight like her can make a real impact.

About lilboxer

After a lifelong passion for the sport, lilboxer started boxing in early 2004, and has dedicated herself to the sport, training with some of the best coaches for nearly 5 years, and continues to train today. After joining the public kink scene in 2006 she saw the opportunity to put the two together. While lilboxer is a submissive and does not Top, she sees the kinky sport of Ass-boxing as a service. Using her boxing skills to her kinky advantage, she makes the girls squeal in delight as she pummels the asses presented to her. The unique combination of a very psychical activity, the chance to hone her intimate pugilism and the satisfaction she sees in the eyes of her human punching bags has inspired her to bring Ass-boxing to more kinksters. lilboxer is a very attentive service top who wants to share her special brand of kinky fisticuffs, but don’t let that fool you…. Ass-boxing is an intense experience.

lilboxer lives in Chicago with her husband Roughinamorato and their dog Malcolm. Through teaching, she endeavors to give back to the community that has given her so much.

(And yes, if you were at Tryst last week and saw a little redhead boxing asses… yes, that was her.)

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  • Water bottles and water!
  • Gear if you have it (got gloves? wraps? anything? bring it!)

A Note On October 9th: The Chicago Marathon

October 9th is also the date of the Chicago Marathon. I know – it’s very inconsiderate of them to schedule in conflict with us, but they have, so we’ll just have to deal. What that means is that hotel rooms are largely already booked up (we’ve had some housing shares here in the past – who can help for October?), and local travel in the city will be… challenging. Surface streets are not all open, because, you know, there’s a marathon running down a bunch of them from the crack of dawn until 4-ish, and you can’t drive your car across the marathon path. In fact, the marathon goes within a few blocks of Rough Crowd, so you’ll probably want to overshoot to the South and West and come back. Street parking is limited, but we’ll still have the lot in back.

Take special care to plan your route getting to Rough Crowd, and use the freeways (or CTA trains – I can’t seem to find bus schedule changes, but rail will be fine) until you’re on the right side of the marathon path.

How Rough Crowd Works:

If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our “Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How”. It’s like a FAQ, but smaller.

A Favor:

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