Rough Crowd November: Kicking

Autumn in the Midwest: the leaves turn colors, the temperatures drop, Thanksgiving is coming up. Nothing really says “Autumn in Chicago” quite like a workshop on kicking people, does it?

Is it just me?

Punching, slapping, pinching… these are all fun pastimes, but what about when you need a little more power? What about the mind trip of the boot? Or, what about when they fall over and you just don’t feel like bending to hit them?

No matter what gets you there, kicking can be a wonderful part of rough body play, and needn’t wind up with a trip to the ER or dentist. We’ll talk about kicking with boots, kicking with bare feet, and kneeing too. (Hey, a knee is close to a foot.)

We’ll also talk about where to do these things, and how to incorporate them into a scene.

Please RSVP your interest at the event page!

How Rough Crowd Works:

If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our “Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How”. It’s like a FAQ, but smaller.

A Favor:

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Hope to see a bunch of you at Rough Crowd,