Rough Crowd September: Skin Torture

Holy fuck, where the hell did August go?

It’s always the way at the end of Summer, isn’t it – the time starts flying by and then POW! it’s September, and time to go back to school.

So school’s in. Rough school, that is.

September’s topic: Skin Torture!

Sure, there’s slapping and stinging – totally old school – but then there’s also pinching, squeezing, pulling, twisting… so many fun things to do to skin! This may be shallow-impact stuff, but it can also be beautifully bruising (and incredibly intense) stuff.

Come to Rough Crowd for an afternoon of pervy delight and cordial violence. And learning some good stuff about more about skin torture.

Be sure to go to the event page and note that you’re going/might be going so we can have a rough (ha!) estimate of how many folks will be there.

A Favor:

Rough Crowd is successful because you guys make it successful. When I post these things, they get as far as the people I know on my own feed, and the few groups I post them in (which I try never to do more than once).

I want this to reach farther.

You can help! You can help get the word out by posting about Rough Crowd, and linking to this discussion or the event page above, in any groups you’re a part of. That helps spread the word beyond my own personal network and we can reach a larger and more diverse crowd. The more the merrier, and new faces are always welcome and encouraged.

Post away, people!

Update! Our demo bottom this time around will be the lovely and long-suffering coley.

Hope to see a bunch of you guys at Rough Crowd,