Rough Crowd November: Rough Rope

Rough Crowd Date: Sunday, November 1, 2015

Two of the most popular topics in kink in Chicago: rough body play, and rope. Like chocolate and peanut butter, hot dogs and jalapeños, and first dates and lube, the two should go together famously. I’m sure they often do, but how often have you seen a rope top do an amazing rigging only to start hitting like a sissy maid in a butch bar? Sacre bleu! Slow sensual bondage may be lovely, but that’s not what we’ll be doing here, kids.

Bondage can be mean, and we’ll take a little time looking at some common ties and new approaches to making them meaner. Beyond that, let’s remember that there are lots of things to do with rope – lots of terrible, mean, wonderful things – that have nothing to do with bondage. What better than to explore them?

In this class we’ll discuss some things to do with rope in between your bondage… during, before, after, and maybe even as a surprise when they come home from work and they least expect it. Floggers, whips, cudgels, gags, and the patented (not really) Roughinamorato Ropefist.

Bring your rope. If you already know how to tie a TK that’s great, but if you don’t know what the hell a TK is that’s fine too – you’ll still learn some good (terrible) stuff.

Things To Bring

* Rope, if you have it
* Partner, if you have one (or two, or… )
* Diabolical streak

Sunday, November 1, 2015
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Bringing your own play partner is always awesome, but not required; while couples and groupings are always encouraged to come together (hey, isn’t that always nice?), it’s not a requirement to have a partner to come to Rough Crowd.

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that’s your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that’s OK).

If you’re into rough body play, or if you think this sounds interesting, then yes, it *is* for you. Come to Rough Crowd for overview, instruction, and practice time. Safety and technique will be first, and then ideas and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave.

Standard Info About Rough Crowd

Rough Crowd is:

• 18 & up
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• Open to all levels of skill and experience


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