Rough Crowd Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013

One of the class requests I’ve gotten a lot is for grappling and wrestling. I’ve been trying to arrange this for a long time, and it’s finally here. I’m delighted to be able to bring in the amazing DoNotGoGently from Pittsburgh, where she does a lot of impressive stuff (see her bio, below).

Note that this Rough Crowd is the same ten bucks as any Rough Crowd; we will be taking up a collection to defray her travel costs coming here to present to us so if you can bring a little extra, please do.

You wanna wrassle? Have an urge to control another’s body using nothing but your own? DNGG shows you some of the basics of wrestling and grappling. We’ll start with common vocabulary and traditional dominance positioning, then up the ante by exploring ways to “supercharge” your grappling by including MMA style strikes, pressure points, and joint locks. You don’t have to get in the ring, but it’s much more fun than sitting on the sidelines!

About DoNotGoGently

DoNotGoGently (DNGG) is a overeducated but down-to-earth kinkster and pop culture aficionado. She considers herself a kinky, semi-radical, sex-positive, monoflexible, womanist femme although most people mistake her for the girl-next-door. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her reading comics, watching sci-fi, generally geeking out, or plotting how best to execute her plan to become a modern-day Amazon warrior.

DNGG has been a member of her local fetish/BDSM and leather communities for a number of years. She is the founder of Grapple Pitt, the Pittsburgh Mentoring Program, and Pittsburgh Coalition of Leather & BDSM Women, and a member of TNG Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Bridge Munch, The Art of Female Dominance, Rope Bite Pittsburgh, Queer Munch, and the Three Rivers Leather Club. DNGG has presented and/or assisted presentations at several events throughout the United States and Canada including multiple GRUEs, WOLFE, Dark Odyssey Winter Fire, Shibaricon, Dark Odyssey Summer Camp, Kinko de Mayo, and TEASE. She has also appeared as a bondage model for Kink Academy and Beauties in Bondage.

Sunday, June 9
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Register for location and directions
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Bringing your own play partner is always awesome, but not required; while couples and groupings are always encouraged to come together (hey, isn’t that always nice?), it’s not a requirement to have a partner to come to Rough Crowd.

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that’s your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that’s OK).

If you’re into rough body play, or if you think this sounds interesting, then yes, it *is* for you. Come to Rough Crowd for overview, instruction, and practice time. Safety and technique will be first, and then ideas and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave.

Standard Info About Rough Crowd

Rough Crowd is:

• 18 & up
• Cheap (ten bucks!)
• Open to all levels of skill and experience


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Hope to see a bunch of you at Rough Crowd,