The First Ever Annual Sometimes Rough Crowd Play Party!!

One of the things people keep asking about is a Rough Crowd play party. We’ve been trying to find a way to make it work, a place to handle all the people who might show up and have enough space for everyone to play, and the right time. Well… that time is now!

On April 14, we’re doing Rough Crowd as usual (Forearms and Elbows!), and that night from 8:00pm – 1:00 am, we’re going to have the first ever Rough Crowd play party. We’re taking over GD2 on a Sunday night; while it’s a special Sunday Rough Crowd night with lots of rough body play, the club is open to all GD2 members, and I look forward to seeing a bunch of regular GD2 members at our party as well!

April 14 is the First Ever Annual Sometimes Rough Crowd Play Party!!

If you’ve been part of Rough Crowd… if you’ve been coming to Rough Crowd, or just reading posts and hearing people talk about it… if you’ve been thinking, “golly, I wish there was a Rough Crowd play party,” well, your golly has been answered.

Whether you’re an old hand at rough body play, are new and want to experience it, are a glorious pervert and just want to watch a bunch of rough body play, or you just always thought a rough body play-themed play party would be totally awesome… come to the Rough Crowd Play Party and join us for the fun!

Show ‘N’ Tell

Yes, really.

Do you have a technique or trick you like and would like to show off… er, share? It can be anything you like, just so long as it’s rough body play-related. Just sign up on the Show N Tell list when you arrive, and we’ll have a little structured fun early in the evening. Doors open at 8:00; Show N Tell will start at 9:00, so if you have a topic – or if you want to watch and learn – be sure to arrive early.

Need to blow off some steam before you file your taxes?

If you’re a tax procrastinator (protaxinator?), make sure you file before the weekend – you don’t want to miss this just because you were fitfully trying to get your taxes done at the last minute!

Sunday, April 14
8:00 pm – 1:00 am
Galleria Domain 2
FetLife Event page is here:
Register: Every attendee must be a member of GD2 to attend. If you’re already a member, you’re set: see you there. If not, there are several options:

Trial Membership

GD2 Trial Membership normally costs $25, but we’ve made a special arrangement with GD2 so you can get a Trial Membership for $20. Trial Memberships always start on Fridays and run three consecutive weekends (21 days), so you wind up getting access to up to 6 additional regularly scheduled nights at the club. To get the discount you just need to put “Rough Crowd” on the application next to the amount due. Applications are due the Wednesday before you want it to start (so in this case, April 10). Applications are never taken at the door. Click here for the GD2 membership application.

Full Membership
Hey, why not – if you’ve been a bunch of times before, maybe it’s about time you just joined GD2. You can do that too! Applications are due the Wednesday before you want it to start (so in this case, April 10). Applications are never taken at the door. Click here for the GD2 membership application.

Who is Welcome

Bringing your own play partner is always awesome, but not required; while couples and groupings are always encouraged to come together (hey, isn’t that always nice?), it’s not a requirement to have a partner to come to Rough Crowd.

All genders, ages, experience levels, races, shoe sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, religions, pet preferences, fitness levels, tax brackets, partnership status, poly, D/s, M/s, height, eye color, and pizza topping choices are welcome (even all veggie pizza, if that’s your thing; your pizza is not my pizza, and that’s OK).

If you’re into rough body play, or if you think this sounds interesting, then yes, it is for you. Come to Rough Crowd for overview, instruction, and practice time. Safety and technique will be first, and then ideas and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave.

Standard Info About Rough Crowd

Rough Crowd (play party) is:

• 18 & up
• Open to all levels of skill and experience

How Rough Crowd Works:
If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our FAQ:
FetLife: Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How
Web: FAQ: When, Where, Who, How

Spread The Word:
Rough Crowd is successful because you guys make it successful. When I post these things, they get as far as the people I know on my own feed, and the few groups I post them in. But the more people this reaches, the better. To spread the word beyond my own personal network, so and we can reach a larger and more diverse crowd, you can help. The more the merrier, and new faces are always welcome and encouraged.

Spread the word on FetLife:
You can help spread the word by posting (or re-posting) about Rough Crowd, linking to this discussion or the event page, in any groups you’re a part of, or even in your own status.

Spread the word on your personal blog:
You can help spread the word on the non-FL web by posting about Rough Crowd and linking to the url above. Posts here always have a sister post there.

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Feel free to spread the word in whatever way you have available to you.


Hope to see a bunch of you at Rough Crowd,