Rough’s (upcoming) Big Weekend In Seattle

A Special Note From Roughinamorato

Update: I’m really heartened by all this – I’m getting re-messaging an re-tweeting from all kinds of places and people I’ve never even heard of until now. Thank you, all. Keep going!

I don’t usually post things here about my travels to go teach and present in other places, unless it’s something really special or I need a hand. And this one is both!

Next week, on March 7-9 (yes, that’s Thursday through Saturday) I’m going to be heading out to Seattle to teach at the CSPC, the Center for Sex Positive Culture. I’ve heard so many awesome things about them over the years – and about Seattle itself – and I’m really excited to be able to go teach there.

But here’s the thing: I need to get the word out. My social network is good in the Midwest, and not bad on the East Coast. On the West Coast I have some quality connections, but only a few. I want to sell these classes out, both to be awesome for the CSPC, and to make sure I earn my airfare back!

If you’re inclined, here’s how you can help: spread the word. If you have friends in the Seattle/Tacoma area, tell them about these classes (Thurs is a little more intro-level, if that’s their speed). Point your kinky friends to this post or the classes listed below. Retweet my tweets about them this week and next. For anything you can do, I thank you!

Here’s what I’m teaching:

Anything you can do to spread the word is awesome. Help me get a good showing for the CSPC!

And for all my local people – see you this weekend for Breath Play!