Rough Crowd January: CBT

One of the classes I get asked about for Rough Crowd all the time is CBT (Cock and Ball Torture), and I keep telling people – it’s not my bag, baby… no pun intended.

But just because your kink isn’t my kink doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cover it at Rough Crowd, right? So I’ve enlisted the help of the wonderful Mistress Simone: a highly proficient and experienced Domina (full bio below), and owner of the Studio, the place we rent to hold Rough Crowd. Who better to come *present* for you at Rough Crowd?

So for January, we bring you…

Manhandling: Ball Busting, Kicking & Twisting

Does it get you hot to control a man through his most sensitive parts? Do you like the feeling of power when you grab ahold? Does being manhandled turn you on? Then this class is for you. Mistress Simone will cover the following:

• trampling
• kicking
• stepping
• crushing
• twisting
…oh my!

How to do these lovely things without permanently damaging the goods is covered deeply in this seminar. Proper technique for manipulating them is shown. Aftercare is discussed.

Labels, labels everywhere! Some of those that fit Mistress Simone: sadist, pervert, fetishist, edge player, professional dominatrix, lifestyle educator, published author, geek and kinkster. In April 2008, she was honored to be the first recipient of the Illinois Ms. Leather Pride title. As Ms. International Ms. Olympus 2009, she aimed to help spread the word about leather women and title holding. Her personal passion currently is writing further on female dominance, feminism and women power issues.

Mistress Simone has been a lifestyle and professional Domina for twenty years. Her community service has included club manager of the original Leather Rose, the executive directorship of the LRA, Inc., various auctions and fundraisers, GLLA judge 2006 and Illinois Leather Sir and boy 2007 judge, Intl Puppy judge 2012, LA&M volunteer, and giving educational discussions throughout the Midwest. She is headmistress of the Chicago branch of ClubFEM, an organization designed for female dommes and male submissives. Owner of The Studio Chicago, a 2,000+ playspace, she is the home space for many community groups, opening her doors in service.

Some of the events she has presented at include Kinky Kollege, COPE, NELA, Shibaricon, Fetish Flea, Southeast Leather Fest, Galleria Domain 2 and DomCon. College lectures include Northwestern University, Loyola and University of Chicago.

Ms Simone has presented on a variety of topics from fear play to being a prodomme but has a special love for cbt, medical play and protocol. As well as the above she is honored to be the titleholder of International Trainer 2004. Seeking to expand her knowledge base, she tries to learn something new from each event, person and encounter she has.


Age, race, gender identification, partnership status, poly, D/s, height, eye color… all do not matter here. If you think this sounds interesting, then yes, it *is* for you. While couples and groupings are always encouraged to come together (hey, isn’t that always nice?), it’s not a requirement to have a partner to come to Rough Crowd.

Sunday, January 13
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
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Rough Crowd is:

• 18 & up
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