Rough Crowd August: Bottoming to Rough Body Play

This month we have a special guest facilitator, Ava Amnesia, looking at things from the bottom’s perspective.

What do bottoms contribute to a rough body play scene other than a body to be rough with? How can we bring more to the table? In this class, we will be discussing and demonstrating a few ways to more safely receive rough body play, how to keep energy and connection up during a scene, and how to have fun doing it. Feel free to bring a partner, although one is not necessary. This class is not designed solely for bottoms, and tops are more than welcome to attend and participate!

Who is Ava Amnesia?

Ava Amnesia is a lot of different things, but at the root of everything, she hates writing bios. They’re scarier than most of the sadists she plays with, and don’t scream half as attractively as some of the masochists she plays with, but they can be useful when trying to convince people to come listen to her talk. She doesn’t consider herself to be a traditional educator, more of a wandering repository for information and entertainment, with a personal motto of: “If you’re not laughing, you probably arent learning.” In between being a professional submissive at the Studio in Chicago and trying to spend as much time with her friends and chosen family as possible, she loves to travel, read, and sing (badly, in the shower).

If you’re into rough body play, or just interested, come to Rough Crowd for an overview, instruction, and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave.

Join us August 12th for Bottoming to Rough Body Play.

Rough Crowd is:

  • 18 & up
  • Cheap (ten bucks!)
  • Open to all levels of skill and experience


Please note that we have an RSVP policy. Yes, it applies to you: RSVP Instructions.

The event page is up. Let us know there, but remember you have to RSVP directly so we can put you on the list.

How Rough Crowd Works:

If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our “Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How”. It’s like a FAQ, but smaller.

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