Rough Crowd February: Face Slapping

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Was it really manufactured from the doldrums of a post-holiday slump by Hallmark? Maybe not, but it’s a good cynical story. Still, Valentine’s Day is just as sure to spell romance as a dirty rag, a bottle of chloroform, and a rickety bed frame in a forgotten cottage deep in the woods.

Or – face slapping.

Yes, nothing says I love you quite like a stinging, eye-watering slap across the face, does it? So for our Valentine’s Day Rough Crowd, that’s exactly what we’re doing! And we’re bringing in some experts: Wilson and Lora.

Wilson & Lora are active in the Chicago BDSM community and have been honored to speak around the country on a variety of alt sex topics. Experienced BDSM practitioners, we love the raw, intense, raucous sides of BDSM and believe that BDSM is a unique means through which to explore and uninhibitedly unleash powerful desires and emotions. Perverts to the core, we love the challenge of pushing and prodding at boundaries, reaching for more in search of the intensity that we each crave. We “go deep” and take what we do very seriously, but we also have a great time with it, which we make every effort to reflect in our presentations. Our presentations, although often focused on what many would consider edge play, are geared toward demystifying even the most intense forms of BDSM scenes by delving into the sources of their power, focusing on practical issues and, whenever feasible, providing a demonstration followed by a Q & A session.

Here, in their words, is what they like to talk about:

Stinging, Searing Face Slapping
A gentle pat. A quick, attention getting smack. A jarring strike. A flurry of assaulting blows. All are types of face slapping that can bash not just the face but the ego. Packing an impact that goes beyond just the physical, a slap across the face is a loaded statement, one that some fear and some crave. What is the appeal? How is it done? Where can it take you? We probe and examine the foundations of its potency, offer practical tips on how to get more out of face slapping, address some of the physical and emotional safety issues involved, and discuss and demonstrate different types of face slapping. Attendees are encouraged to try out different techniques with us and each other.

Note: Ask each other before you go smacking them! Jeez. Fer pete’s sake, what were ya, raised in a barn?

  • 18 & up
  • Cheap (ten bucks!)
  • Open to all levels of skill and experience

Things To Bring

  • Partner, if you have one
  • A face. hand, or both
  • Diabolical streak
  • Love


Please RSVP your interest at the event page!

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