Rough Crowd January: Spanking


Back to Basics
Working On Your Swing

Rough Crowd is all about all different levels of rough body play; we’ve done some advanced stuff lately, so in January we’re going back to some basics. If you’ve never been to Rough Crowd before, this might be an excellent time to come join us.

Please note, because of how New Year’s falls, we’re doing the THRID SUNDAY,not the second: January 15th.

And it just so happens that January 15th is my birthday, so spankings are naturally in order. So here we go!


It’s part of almost everyone’s experience at some point growing up. Everyone knows, basically, how to spank. But there can be more to it than just a whack and go.

  • Pacing
  • Good Form – to look good, and to have the impact you want
  • Positioning
  • more

For those not familiar with Rough Crowd, it works as a community, not a standard class. If you have something to learn or contribute, both are welcome – all you need is a love or interest in the topic!

Things To Bring

  • Partner, if you have one
  • Ideas (whether from experience or sheer creative thinking)
  • Diabolical streak


Please RSVP your interest at the event page!

How Rough Crowd Works:

If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our “Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How”. It’s like a FAQ, but smaller.

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Hope to see a bunch of you at Rough Crowd,