Second Rough Crowd: Working On Your Backhand

We had a lot of great ideas for topics come up in the discussion thread this past week. Cool stuff like breathplay, confinement, pinching and pulling skin… oh, yes!

We’re going to work up to some of those, but for our second class we’re going to stay simple: backhanding.

Yes, it’s very specific! That’s what this class is all about: narrow topic, great focus.

So get the word out! Tell your friends, local groups, FL groups you participate on… Sunday, July 10, we’re doing Working On Your Backhand!

(if anyone wants the official post to put in a group you belong to, message me privately and I’ll send it to you, formatted.)

The event page is up! Click to show you’re going or maybe going.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

– Rough (who’s currently working on his backhand in preparation for the class!)