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* Prior attendance at Rough Crowd not necessary for purchase. Anyone can buy them. They make great gifts – I’ll bet Grandma would look smashing in a Violent Displays of Affection t-shirt. Not to be used as currency. Please no wagering. “Men’s” and “Women’s” designations on t-shirts are based solely on manufacturer identification, and buyers are encouraged to make their own determination of how they really feel inside – but just know that the “women’s” cut has tapered side seams to fit and accentuate your curves, so if you feel like a pretty girl on the inside, but on the outside you have the body of a beer-guzzling long-haul trucker, maybe just buy the “men’s” t-shirt style – but keep the heels, seriously, they bring out your calves beautifully. The t-shirt doesn’t label you. You’re you. And beautiful. In our t-shirt.