If you want to attend a particular Rough Crowd, you need to register for that particular event. We use; see more below. Don’t worry, your information is kept private.


Your registration is not complete until you receive a confirmation. We can’t take walk-ins; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been to Rough Crowd before: you have to register and be on the list prior to the event. If you are not on the guest list, we cannot allow you in.

When you arrive, you will still need to fill out the waiver. We’re working on streamlining that part too. Stay tuned.

When to Register

Registrations must be received no later than 24 hours in advance of the start of Rough Crowd. Eventbrite will cut off registrations automatically; you can’t send a registration the morning of the event. Sorry 😦

Where to Register

To register, simply use the eventbrite Register box in the left sidebar of (There may also be a specific url in the specific event you want to attend, though as the sidebar registration becomes more reliable, we may phase that out.)

Please don’t send a message directly to Roughinamorato or the admin account. Mentioning it in passing at a party is insufficient. A Tweet doesn’t count. Murmuring it into your pillow at night is hot, but also won’t get you on the guest list. There’s an eventbrite registration widget just to your left. Use that.

What to Register

You will be asked the following information:

  • Real legal first and last name
  • FetLife name
  • Scene or preferred name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Your information is never shared. It’s just for Rough Crowd. Nobody else ever sees it.

Travel Directions?

You’ll be sent travel info with your completed eventbrite registration.

But What About The FetLife Event Page?

We use the FetLife event page too; it’s a great social tool for people to see who else is planning on going, so please be sure to visit there and click on Going or Maybe. There’s a link on the event post to the FetLife event and group post. But that’s not your official registration. Mmkay?