LRA and Roughinamorato invite you to Grab some A.S.S.!

… consensually, of course.

Hi. The folks at the LRA have asked me to host a new workshop series by and for advanced players. It’s not so much lessons, or classes, as it is sharing knowledge amongst people who’ve been around. Sharing skills. An Advanced Skill Share. ASS.

I like some ASS on a Saturday afternoon. Don’t you?

What we’re going to try to create with this is a space where people with experience can come and learn at an advanced level; we won’t have to worry about putting up with the first half of the class to get to the part we want; my hope is that it’s going to be kind of like hanging out with a friend and asking them, “hey, show me how you did that cool thing.”

Over the coming year I’m going to invite some people in to talk or show some good stuff, and each time I want to have some open share time; I’d call it show n tell but I get a little urpy just saying that in my mind.

The first one will be this Saturday at the LRA, before the club opens, from 6pm – 8pm. It’s free, but you have to register – you can do that here at, on the sidebar – just click on the ASS.