Rough Crowd September: It’s OK To Hit Them

OMG, where does the Summer in Chicago go? It’s already time for our September workshop.

There has been a tremendous influx of new people to the scene, and to Rough Crowd, in the last year, and I thought it might be a good time to slow down and do an intro class, a 101 level. So this month we’re going to do…

“It’s OK To Hit Them… So Long As They’re Into That.”

We’re all raised to be good members of society. We know we’re not supposed to hit people. We know we’re probably not supposed to like it when someone hitsus. So then why do we? What’s with all this, why do we like it, and what’s wrong with us??

Turns out, nothing’s wrong, we’re just different. And that’s what we’ll discuss.

This episode of Rough Crowd is a “between the ears” workshop, a leader-led active discussion on coming to grips (heh) with our inner sadists and masochists, and finding the path to enjoying what we enjoy, and understanding that our partners do too.

Please RSVP using the RSVP instructions, below.

Sunday, September 2

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

RSVP for location and directions

Event page is up; do sign up, but you still have to RSVP (see below).

If you’re into rough body play, or just interested, come to Rough Crowd for an overview, instruction, and practice time. Safety and technique will be first, and then ideas and practice time. No experience necessary; you’ll have some by the time you leave.

Rough Crowd is:

  • 18 & up
  • Cheap (ten bucks!)
  • Open to all levels of skill and experience


Please note that we have an RSVP policy, with a 24-hour deadline. It’s pretty easy: RSVP Instructions.

How Rough Crowd Works:

If you’ve never been to a Rough Crowd before (or if you just have questions), check out our “Rough Crowd details: What, Where, When, How”. It’s like a FAQ, but smaller.

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